The Story

Mohsin Sher, the only son of his parents did not find much time to grow under the shadow of his father. He was 10 when his father’s soul departed from the world, leaving him and his family alone at a critical stage. As much as he was sad, Mohsin Sher with the support of his brave mother managed to stand up and strive for his bright future. After graduating from university, he joined a multinational company as HR Executive. But he never felt contented and fulfilled with this job. In search of the contentment, Mohsin Sher looked back and found that there was one prominent point during the course of his life and that was a stage. Be it School, college, university or some other public gathering, Mohsin Sher always found himself on the stage. Where he speaks and everybody else listens. That’s how he realized what he actually is looking for.

Mohsin Sher, a famous public figure, now grabs the attention of many organizations, educational institutes, the non-profit sector, and masses. He has been touching the hearts of millions with his life-changing sessions. His vision is to bring a positive human change in youth because youth is the building block of a nation.


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